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National Officials:
President, Vice Presidents(3),Chief National Commissioner, National Commissioners(maximum 15) appointed by Chief Scouts as per CNC's recomendations,maximum 30 Deputy National Commissioners appointed by CNC as NC's recomendations,And Members of National Executive Committee.

Regional Officials:
Regional President,Vice Presidents, Regional Commissioner, Deputy Regional Commissioners appointed by CNC as per RC's recomendations,District Commissioners under the region, And members of Regional Executive Committee.


Present Officials Of Bangladesh Scouts:
Chief Scout:
H. E. Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed.

Dr. Shah Mohammed Farid

Chief National Commissioner:
Mr. M. Fazlur Rahman

International Commissioner:
Mr. Zainul Abedin

National Commissioner(programme):
Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, LT.

National Commissioner(Training):
Dr. Mirza Ali Haider, LT.

National Commissioner(Community Development):
Mr.Mihir Kanti Mazumder, LT.